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Power supplies - Chargers


  • DC/AC converters

    DC/AC power converters

    Covertidores, power inverters.

    These disponsitivos make both 12V and 24V batteries DC DC 220V VAC, for typical electronic equipment that we use with the current electrical feed.

    These teams are often used in industry, telecommunications, camping, caravans, etc...

  • Sources, External Power

    External power sources

    Catalog of all power sources and feeders with different output connectors, power and voltages.

  • Switching power supplies

    Switching power supplies

    Wide range of power supplies for industrial use with different features, capabilities and measures. Product with great popularity in sectors such as the industrial and also for lighting among others.

  • By voltage


    Classification of alimentadadores and Chargers for output voltage.

    In this section you can find through other subsections feeder seeking sorted according to output voltage.

  • Battery chargers

    Battery chargers

    Chargers for batteries of lead, Lithium, electric vehicles, rechargeable Batteries, battery pack, etc...

    Section where are the battery chargers for the various applications and technologies we supply.

  • Converter DC/DC
  • Electric car chargers

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