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Charger for Battery Pack, Ni-Cd/NI-MH 1.2 V to 12V


New product

    21,45 €

    Description of the charger

    The battery charger is automatic and provides constant current. Automatically detects the battery voltage between 1.2 V and 12V. Should be used only with rechargeable batteries of Ni-Cd/NI-MH batteries. The charger is not ready for outside use.

    Charger specifications

    ApplicationBatteries and battery Pack of 1.2 V to 12V
    Load current50-300mA
    Weight400 g
    Size56x81x43 mm
    TypeAutomatic charger batteries, wall-to-network

    The charger has several types of connectors

    Large (mm)56
    Width (mm)81
    Height (mm)43
    Weight (kg)0.400