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manufacturer German that sells batteries, power, rechargeable batteries, and vehicle batteries. The word Varta is the acronym for 5 words German: Vertrieb (sales), load (load), (repair) build new cells and repair Transportabler Akkumulatoren (accumulators, transport). In 2002, they acquired another manufacturer of batteries and pias Rayovac.

Today, the proposal offered by Varta covers the entire spectrum of batteries and the batteries used by the general public, the industrial sector and, more specifically, the automotive sector. In order to achieve the satisfaction of the majority, Varta increases the range of batteries high energy, long duration or Max Tech to suit all uses. Batteries Varta Longlife to meet limited needs in terms of energy, but in the long term. VARTA high energy are designed for the needs of large energy. As Varta Max Tech, are intended for high-tech devices.

VARTA also offers a multitude of button batteries: button cell, lithium and silver oxide button batteries. It also offers a range of industrial batteries and rechargeable batteries.

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