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Varta batteries are among the energy sources for vehicles, industrial machinery and electronic devices best valued by professionals and users.

All the products of this German manufacturer stand out for their excellent degree of efficiency and durability, which is why they are considered 100% reliable, safe and very economical sources of energy. Especially taking into account the high quality achieved by its batteries.

Aware of this, at Batteries Online we offer you a wide range of Varta batteries at very competitive prices. A great selection among which you will find from button batteries, AA and AAA, to car batteries Start-Stop or for industrial machinery.

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Battery Varta G14 95Ah

Starting: 850A; Measurements: 353x175x190 mm; Positive Right

    Varta battery models

    With the Varta batteries that you will find in our online store you can easily operate any vehicle, machine or electronic device, and achieve its maximum performance whatever your specific tasks or needs.

    After years and years of work, the German brand has managed to become a reference within its field, offering a wide variety of products to the general public and professionals in the industrial and automotive sectors. .

    To satisfy all the needs of our customers, in the Online Batteries store we have a wide catalog of Varta batteries: button batteries, rechargeable batteries, lead-acid car batteries, Varta Start-Stop batteries or the new Varta Longlife or Varta Max Tech models, among many other items.

    Why buy a Varta battery?

    Varta batteries for cars and other machines and devices have made their way among the best-rated products in the spare parts and industrial energy sources market.

    All items manufactured by the brand are made with high-end materials and cutting-edge technologies, which guarantee optimal performance and a long useful life. Not to mention the exceptional results they achieve even in the most demanding scenarios.

    In addition, Varta batteries are designed to be more efficient and have a focus on sustainability, using production processes that minimize environmental impact.

    What more could you ask for? Find out about all the advantages of Varta batteries on our website and buy the energy sources that best suit your needs and projects at the best price.

    Varta battery prices

    Our website is the reference place to get the best car batteries online and energy sources for many other vehicles and electronic devices.

    Take a look at the wide catalog of products available and place your order in just a few seconds. Everything you need to replace any machine's depleted power sources and get it running at full capacity again.

    Buy at Batteries Online and access dozens of Varta batteries from less than €1 on selected products.

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    Varta Batteries Frequently Asked Questions

    • How good are Varta batteries?

      As a widely recognized brand worldwide, Varta brand products are among the most valued by professionals and consumers around the world.

      Varta batteries are designed to prioritize efficiency and reliability above all else. Reason why they integrate advanced materials and technologies, which guarantee the efficiency and correct functioning of energy sources in any situation. For example, in environments with cold climates or very high temperatures.

    • How many years does a Varta battery last?

      Although the maximum life of a Varta battery may vary depending on the specific product, the level of maintenance of the vehicle or device or other factors, these products have a long useful life, which is between 4 and 6 years.</ p>

    • Who makes Varta batteries?

      Varta batteries are manufactured by Clarios; global leader in energy solutions, with vast experience in manufacturing advanced batteries for automobiles and other vehicles and devices.