Solar energy

Solar energy.

solar panels, solar panels, reguladore of load, etc...

Catalogue of product specially designed to make the most of solar energy in the power of electronic equipment and become self-sufficient.

Distributor of batteries for solar power installations. The energy generated by an installation of these features depends on much of the amount of batteries that connect to the photovoltaic panels. We study and design its project on an individual basis to ensure optimization of your installation.

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solar equipment for self-sufficient electronics.


  • Solar installations

    Solar batteries

    Extensive catalogue of stationary batteries for solar installations for self-consumption.

  • Solar batteries

    Solar batteries

    Monoblock, stationary, lithium

    Catalogue of batteries for solar installations and applications.

  • Solar panels

    Solar panels

    panels and solar energy plates

    Panels and solar monocrystalline, polycrystalline, flexible and different power.

  • Charge controller solar

    Solar charge regulators.

    It is essential in a solar system where there are solar panels and batteries.

    These teams check in every moment the state of charge of the batteries and terminate the charging when they detect that they are complete. This prevents overexposure and prevents damage.

  • Brackets solar panel

    Brackets for attaching panels and solar plates.

    Catalog of different methods to install the plates and panels solar both in pole, mast, wall, floor or roof among others.

  • Kits Solar Energy

    Solar energy Kits

    Easy installation for isolated plants, boats, caravanning, autocaravas or any other type of installation that you are not near a point of electric current or prefer the use of alternative energy and eco-friendly.

  • Lighting

    Lighting 12V DC

    We have at your disposal lighting to 12V dc. Are designed for installations 12V dc power, such as solar energy, with support of power with batteries, which supply electricity to 12V DC. Not need wave inverter for ac power.

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