At Bateríasonline we offer a range of solar power components including solar panels, mounting brackets, solar charge controllers, inverters, transformers, batteries, protectors, battery isolators and accessories. These components are essential for building efficient and reliable solar power systems that can power various electronic devices and applications.

Our solar energy components and kits are designed to give you everything you need to start harnessing the power of the sun and become self-sufficient in electricity generation. Whether you need a small system for your home or a larger one for your business, at Bateríasonline we have the components and experience to help you design and install a custom solar power system that meets your unique needs. If you would like a no-obligation quote, please contact us so we can help you.

▷ Components for Self-Sufficient Solar Energy Systems


  • Solar panels

    The selection of Bateríasonline solar panels includes monocrystalline, polycrystalline, flexible and different power panels. Monocrystalline panels are more efficient, but also more expensive, while polycrystalline panels are less efficient but cheaper. Flexible panels are ideal for installations on curved or irregular surfaces. Also, panels vary in power, measured in watts.

    Advantages of solar panels include their ability to generate clean, renewable energy, low cost of operation and maintenance, and their ability to provide power in remote or off-grid areas. Choosing the right type of solar panel will depend on the application, budget, and installation conditions.

  • Charge controller solar

    Victron solar charge controllers are electronic devices that regulate the charging and discharging of batteries in a solar power system. They are installed between the solar panels and the battery bank, and their main function is to prevent overcharging and deep discharge of the batteries.

    Victron solar charge controllers come in different types, including PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

    PWM controllers are less expensive and are suitable for small to medium size solar systems, while MPPT controllers are more efficient and are recommended for larger solar systems with high voltage solar panels.

    Some advanced controllers may also include features such as Bluetooth, LCD displays, remote monitoring and control, and battery temperature sensing for optimal battery charging and management.

  • Brackets solar panel

    In small installations of solar panels on boats or caravans, the fixing brackets may vary depending on the type of panel or panel to be installed. Our catalog offers different brackets to install solar panels and panels on a pole, mast, wall, ground or roof, for caravanning, recreational boats and small isolated installations.

    Bateriasonline brackets are of high quality and are specifically designed for the type of solar panel to be installed, to ensure proper support and prevent damage to the panel or installation surface. Remember that it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct installation and maintenance of the brackets and the system in general.

  • Solar Energy Kits

    Bateríasonline solar energy kits include everything you need to generate electricity from solar energy. They are designed to be easy to install and use, and are backed by Batteriesonline technical support and warranty.Solar energy kits are designed to be used in autonomous systems or systems outside of the conventional electrical grid: boats, caravans and small installations. A sustainable and cost effective solution to provide power in remote areas.

    These solar power kits include solar panels, a solar charge controller, and all the accessories needed to install and connect system components. Kits are available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different power needs and budgets.

  • Solar batteries

    The batteries used in solar installations allow the storage of solar energy for use during the night or on cloudy days. The advantages of lithium-ion and LiFePO4 batteries are their energy efficiency, storage capacity and long life. Lead-acid batteries are a cheaper and more durable option.

    If you are looking for batteries for solar installations, it is important that you consult with one of our Batteriesonline professionals to determine which is the best option for your needs. Batteries are an important component of any solar installation and must be carefully selected to ensure their efficiency and durability.

  • Inverters-Chargers

    Victron inverter chargers combine the functions of a power inverter and a battery charger in one device. They can convert electrical energy from an external power source into direct current to charge batteries, and then convert direct current to alternating current to power electrical devices.

    Models are designed for different applications and power needs, such as pure sine wave, modified, high power, marine, and solar.

  • Transformers

    Autotransformers for voltage boost, voltage reduction and output voltage balancing of separate phases ("step-up", "step-down" and divided phase), transformers of toroidal insulators essential in professional marine power supplies to prevent electrolytic corrosion and guarantee a safe electrical system and low-cost galvanic insulators to prevent corrosion that occurs in ships with electrical power, blocking low voltage DC currents entering the boat through the ground wire of the shore power.

  • Lithium batteries

    Lithium batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that use lithium compounds as an anode. These batteries have a higher energy density, lighter weight, and longer life compared to other conventional rechargeable batteries, making them ideal for use in portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other apps.

  • Battery protectors

    The battery protectors disconnect the battery from non-essential loads, both before the battery is completely depleted, and before it has too little power left to start the engine, so that avoid damaging the batteries and therefore maximize their life-cycle.

  • Battery isolators

    Among the most common battery isolating devices are battery isolators and battery combiners that allow two or more batteries to be isolated so that, for example, the use of the service battery cannot discharge the starter battery.

    Battery isolators allow two or more batteries to be charged simultaneously from a single alternator or from a single charger without connecting the batteries together. Battery combiners are an excellent replacement for battery isolators as there is virtually no voltage loss, so there is no need to increase the output voltage of alternators or battery chargers.

  • Portable solar generators

    Portable Solar Power Generators - Portable Solar Power Stations 

    Portable solar power generators, also known as portable power stations, are compact and autonomous devices that store electrical energy for later use. They are specifically designed to provide a reliable and convenient source of power in situations where the electrical grid is unavailable or unreliable, making them ideal for applications such as caravanning, camping, and other outdoor activities.

    Portable power generators offer multiple recharging options, including solar energy, alternating current, and other electrical generators. Additionally, they feature multiple output ports that allow you to simultaneously charge a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, lights, and other electronic devices. Thanks to their compact and autonomous design, these power stations are the perfect solution to meet your essential electrical power needs during your travels.