Manufacturer and distributor of electronic material.


Company data:

Innovate Powering Electronic SL

VAT: ES B93462638

C /. Magenta, 2.

29740 torre del Mar.



Tel: (+34) 951 65 02 03



Customer service hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00-18:00

Friday.        9:00-15:00




Electronics store specializing in energy components.


-Power supplies

-Power inverters

-UPs (uninterruptible power systems)


Due to the high specialization in this type of components becomes increasingly and most frequently requested by the clients tailor-made solutions both for the industrial sector or general consumption with UPS products or equipment by its particularities required power without intenrrupciones or prevent irregularities in conventional power supply.


Our technical team will help you to design the design that best fits your needs.