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LEOCH International Technology Limited ("Leoch"), a high-tech company which was founded in 1999. We specialize in research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of entire categories of battery lead. After years of growth, Leoch became one of the leading and is the first exporter of manufacturer of lead-acid battery in the people's Republic of China ("PRC").

LEOCH has established eight production bases regional located in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Anhui of the people's Republic of China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India respectively. With more than 10,000 employees and more


of 400 engineers. The factories cover an area of more than 1 million square meters, 76 production lines and test equipment related to two battery dedicated research and development centers located in Guangdong and Jiangsu was a strong and advanced manufacturing and research and development capabilities of the company.

LEOCH mainly produces batteries, AGM VRLA, VRLA battery GEL, lead-acid batteries, batteries, high discharge, marine batteries, batteries, railway batteries, start-stop, automotive batteries, batteries, motorcycle, OPzV, Design, PzS, PzV and PzB tubular plate batteries, batteries, golf cart batteries, sweeper scrubber, and batteries for electrical vehicles etc... These products are widely used in various related areas such as telecommunications, electric power system, radio system and television broadcasting, rail, solar energy, UPS, emergency lights, security, alarm, gardening tool, cars, motorcycles, golf cart, forklift, electric vehicle and baby carrier etc... LEOCH annual production capacity of over 20 million KVAh.

Our future research and development team and high production quality make Leoch owned by the influential competitive power internationally. With more than 40 commercial companies established in the people's Republic of China and the world are located in regions such as the united States of America, Europe and southeast Asia, our products are sold and distributed to more than 100 countries.



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