Battery chargers

Battery chargers

Chargers for batteries of lead, Lithium, electric vehicles, rechargeable Batteries, battery pack, etc...

Section where are the battery chargers for the various applications and technologies we supply.

Chargers for all types of batteries.


  • Chargers

    Rechargeable battery chargers.

    Catalogue of Chargers standard and latest technology for rechargeable batteries of the formats most used as AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.

    We have a wide selection of boots from the most basic protection systems to prevent accidents to the more modern and intelligent able to supply loads individually, perform checks and status indicators.

  • Chargers batteries lead

    Chargers lead acid batteries

    6V, 12V and 24V Chargers

    Chargers for batteries of lead-acid, AGM o GEL different voltages for various applications and use.

    All our boots are smart, so it no longer supply load when the batteries are 100% of their capacity, thus avoiding over-charging the batteries damaged.

  • Chargers batteries...

    Chargers batteries lithium

    catalogue of manufactured lithium battery chargers

    Lithium is one of the latest and attractive technologies in manufacture of accumulators of energy that have entered the market with great success.

    A design with small dimensions, light weight and an increasingly more attractive price makes this technology of great interest in increasingly more applications such as four-wheel-drive vehicles, devices tecnoligicos, etc.. among others.

  • Chargers batteries...

    Battery pack Chargers

    Chargers for batteries Packs NI-CD, Ni-Mh

    Chargers for battery pack pack of cells in both manufactured in Ni-cd or Ni-Mh 1.2V-trained.

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