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Charger, universal NiMH battery Energizer


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AA, AAA, C, D, 9V

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Universal Charger NiMH

The universal charger for NiMH rechargeable batteries Energizer supports batteries with the following formats:

  • AA: 4 units
  • AAA: 4 units
  • C: 4 units
  • D: 4 units
  • 9V battery: 2 units

Approximate times of charging:

AA1300 mAh3 hrs
AA2000 mAh4 hrs
AA2300 mAh5 hrs
AAA500 mAh2 hrs
AAA700 mAh3 hrs
AAA800 mAh3 hrs
C2500 mAh5 hrs
D2500 mAh5 hrs
9V175 mAh11 hrs

Benefits of the charger:

  • To help maximize the performance of the battery
  • Ensures a full charge
  • Charging status indicator via LED light