Boat batteries

The boat batteries used for service operate the boat's electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, small appliances, bilge pump and electronic navigation devices, when the boat's engine is stopped.

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Boat batteries
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Boat battery models

The boat batteries, as happens with the motorhome batteries, present a series of recommended characteristics for its use as a service. These recommendations are: deep discharge, fast charge, high number of charge-discharge cycles, and, if possible, sealed and maintenance-free.

The models that meet these requirements are AGM, Gel and lithium LiFePO4 (lithium ferric) batteries. Conventional high-capacity batteries are also used.

Installation of service batteries for ships

When installing batteries on the boat several aspects must be taken into account, including:

  • The available space, if possible it is watertight and ventilated.
  • If you connect several batteries in series or parallel, they must all be of the same type, capacity and new.
  • You should not mix new batteries with used ones, since the performance is lower and the new ones deteriorate faster.
  • The connections between batteries must be suitable for this purpose.
  • If you use the alternator to charge the batteries, it is necessary to install a disconnector or relay to prevent the starter battery from being discharged when the service batteries are used with the engine stopped.

Boat battery maintenance

AGM, Gel and lithium LiFePO4 batteries are sealed and maintenance-free. Conventional batteries with maintenance require refilling the glasses periodically; distilled water must be added to keep it within the marked limits.

Batteries should not be discharged more than 50% to increase their useful life, if they are lithium LiFePO4 they allow a deeper discharge. The intensity of the charge must be adequate to avoid overheating the batteries and damaging them.

Boat Battery FAQ

How do you charge boat batteries?

Boat batteries are charged with the boat's alternator, with external chargers or with solar panels if you have them.

Are boat batteries compatible with solar panels?

Yes, boat batteries are compatible with solar panels. During the day, solar energy powers the devices and charges the batteries. When the energy demand is greater than that supplied by the panels, the battery provides it, all managed by the charge regulator, located between the solar panels and the batteries.

Are boat service batteries compatible with inverters?

Yes, they are inverter compatible. Depending on whether the electrical installation is 12V or 24V, you will have to choose an inverter that matches that voltage.

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