Chargers lead acid batteries

6V, 12V and 24V Chargers

Chargers for batteries of lead-acid, AGM o GEL different voltages for various applications and use.

All our boots are smart, so it no longer supply load when the batteries are 100% of their capacity, thus avoiding over-charging the batteries damaged.

Charger battery lead


  • 6V Chargers

    Chargers lead 6-Volt batteries

    Boots of different power for different capacities of the 6v batteries (6 Volt)

  • Chargers 12V

    Chargers 12 volt batteries

  • Chargers 24V

    Chargers batteries 24 volts

    One of the princapales these chargers for 24V applications, are wheelchair and other electric vehicles that use 2 batteries 12V

  • 36V chargers

    36V battery chargers

    Batteries chargers with output voltage or voltage 36 volts. Especially for electric bicycles, scooters, etc ... that use 3 batteries of 12v.