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Batería Solar Estacionaria 6 OpzS 420 View larger

Solar battery Stationary INNPO 6 Design 420 12v 630Ah in C100


New product

6 vessels of 2V; Measures: 6 x (145x206x485 mm)

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    950,41 €

    Solar Battery, Stationary 6 Design 420

    Solar battery, stationary 6 cups of 2 volts

    The battery is stationary, also known as a solar storage tank, is composed of 6 vessels of 2 volts, with a capacity of 630Ah in C100 (465Ah in C10). The stationary batteries are appropriate for solar energy installations, with consumption small and constant throughout the year.

    Specifications of the battery for glass

    Number of vessels6
    Voltage by the glass2 V
    Total voltage12 V
    Capacity C100630 Ah
    Capacity C10465 Ah
    Long by the glass145 mm
    Width for glass206 mm
    High by the glass485 mm
    Weight per cup34 Kg
    Total weight204 Kg

    Stationary batteries INNPO

    INNPO designs starting batteries, dual, and stationary for solar energy with high standards of quality, based on its extensive experience in the sector.

    The batteries INNPO stationary are excellent quality. The most important features are:

    • Long life
    • Stability in the cycle of use
    • Maximum compatibility (DIN 40736-1)
    • Safety against short circuits
    • Extensive ranges of water loading for maintenance
    Volt (V)12
    Capacity (Ah)630 (C100)
    Large (mm)145
    Width (mm)6 x 206
    Height (mm)485
    Weight (kg)204