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Battery Exide AGM ETX20CH-BS


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12V 18Ah;
Boot: 230A;
Measures: 150x90x160 mm;
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    64,13 €

    Starter battery motorcycle AGM ETX20CH-BS

    Battery Exide ETX20CH-BS, series AGM battery is a starting battery of the bike with 18Ah capacity and boot 230A.

    Features of the battery for your motorcycle AGM ETX20CH-BS

    • Manufacturer: Exide
    • Model: ETX20CH-BS
    • Voltage: 12 Volts
    • Capacity: 18 Amps
    • C. cold Start: 230A
    • Measures: 150 x 90 x 160mm

    Advantages of the AGM battery motorcycle

    • Maximum power
    • Long life
    • Ideal weather chilly and very resistant to vibration
    • Ideal for a seasonal use – minimal self-discharge
    • Ready to use, does not require an initial fill of electrolyte
    • No maintenance
    • Does not require recharging prior to the initial filling
    • Includes pack of bottles of electrolyte
    • Wide range with coverage of 90% of the park

    Baterías para moto

    AGM battery Exide

    The range of batteries AGM batteries from Exide offers a reliability and useful life very high. Resistant in extreme environments and especially under freezing temperatures. The battery does not need any maintenance, except for the initial filling to activate the battery. The range of AGM batteries incorporates the proven technology AGM and is ideal for most applications, including motorcycles, medium and high cylinder capacity.

    Volt (V)12
    Capacity (Ah)18
    Potencia Arranque (CCA)230
    Large (mm)150
    Width (mm)90
    Height (mm)160