Battery vehicles.

batteries for all types of vehicles.

batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, wheelchairs, etc..

Batteries for all types of vehicles


  • Battery electric vehicles

    Batteries for electric vehicles

    Batteries for wheelchairs, electric scooters, carts, golf, electric vehicles, etc...

    Extensive catalogue of GEL batteries and AGMideal for these vehicles or any other vehicle traction batteries.

  • Boat batteries

    Batteries of boats, sailing, etc.

    Connoisseurs of the requirement by the vessel in the supply of energy to start the engine and the Internal electrical and electronic equipment as refrigerator, Assistant of navigation, etc. We present a catalogue of quality and great confidence for your boat, yacht, boat batteries or any other boat both recreational and professional.

    Our first brand and quality batteries are designed to maintain its properties in good condition and with a minimum download during the winter in the case of not to make use of it. 

    Catalogue of batteries for any type of boats, both traction battery as boot.

  • Wheelchair batteries

    Wheelchairs and scooters batteries.

    Wheelchair, scoooter or similar vehicles users demand high performance to their vehicle on uneven terrain, curbs, dirt roads, and at any time of the year. What would not be any product to meet these requirements, being our commitment by the GEL batteries and its technology proven as the best price/quality choice.

    For a long life of these batteries, we always recommend to make full loads and use until whenever possible.

    If you need any advice or advice, we will be glad to help you. 

    Catalogue of batteries for vehicles of people with disabilities as wheelchairs and scooters.

  • Caravan batteries

    Caravan batteries

    Starter batteries, electric and dual supply.

    Caravan and motorhome batteries for engine starting, use of electronic equipment and where that same battery made the 2 functions.

  • Batteries golf Carts

    Batteries for cars and golf cars electric

    Batteries for a golf cart or electric caddy electric are batteries of mobility, characterized by its small dimensions and sufficient autonomy for its use in the fields of golf.

    The batteries of the e-caddy can be lead, differentiated in AGM or GEL, and Lithium (lithium-iron).

    Golf carts or buggies used batteries of larger dimensions, and autonomy.

  • Batteries electric...

    Batteries, Bikes and Scooters electric.

    Batteries 6-volt (6V) 12 volt (12V), 24 volt (24V), 36 volt (36V), 42-volt (48V) and of any voltage or technology for bikes, scooters, scooter or any other electric vehicle.

  • Starter batteries

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