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Ups Lapara online three-phase LA-ON33 20000VA


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The SAIs LA-ON33 are SAIs Online three-phase, double-conversion real. This means that the current network passes through two converters current (a rectifier and an inverter) to provide a voltage continuously stable and free of parasites.

These Upss provide an uninterrupted supply of high quality and reliability to loads three-phase. It is perfect for any industrial installation, telecommunications or three-phase.

  • Capacities: 20KVA / 16000W
  • Range input Voltage: 120VAC ~ 290VAC (In each phase)
  • Output voltage: 3 x 400V (3 phases + neutral)
  • Output voltage regulation (battery mode): ±1%
  • Transfer time: AC Mode to Battery mode: 0 ms Inverter to Bypass: 0 ms
  • Waveform (battery mode): pure sine Wave
  • Alarms: Warnings in LCD, LED and audible alarm
  • Connectors: Terminals + USB + RS232 Slot SNMP + connectors Upss in parallel
  • Dimensions l x W x h (mm): 815 x 250 x 826
  • Weight: 164.00