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External battery for iphone Elegance_colores

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    All those who use  Smartphone We know that its Achilles heel is the battery life. For those who use the phone all day with wi-fi, internet Mobile, with applications such as whatsapp, browsers, internet, twitter, facebook, etc, a fully charge battery for when we need it most.

    Compatible with devices with iphone (except iphone 5) connector


    -Li-Ion rechargeable emergency battery
    -Iphone connector
    -Mobile phone iphone, ipod, ipad charging - anytime, anywhere
    -Capacity LEDs
    -Capacity: 1900mAh
    -Input: 5,5 V + /-0.5 V, 500mA Max.
    -Output: 5.0V + /-0.5 V, 800mA Max.
    -Charging time: 2-4 hours
    -Weight: 63g
    -Size: 67 × 62 × 15 mm