Transport and refunds

Shipping and rates:

Shipping to Spain, Europe and America

The orders come from Malaga (Spain), which completed orders will be delivered within a regular time of 24-48 hours for Spain and Portugal and 2-3 for other destinations within the European Union. As well as the deadline for shipments outside the European union round 3-7 days

In terms of the price of transport, depends on the weight, products and selected priority. During the purchase process is will tell you all the services and prices of available shipping before the end of your order.

Returns & exchanges

Pursuant to applicable law, (article 44 of law 7/1996 of 15 January retail trade regulation amended by law 47/2002, of 19 December.) return the product if it does not satisfy the customer is of 15 working days from the date of delivery of the order. It is only necessary for the customer to return the product as you received it, i.e., in perfect condition and with original packaging, labels and instructions.
The packaging and the used service shall ensure that the shipment arrives in perfect condition.
To receive the product and verify that it is in perfect condition, will proceed to payment by transfer you transfer when the customer decides to cancel the purchase, or replaced with another product in the event of incompatibility or any other incident.

C.o.d. returns are not accepted and, likewise, no merchandise will be accepted without previously informing

To carry out any change or return customer please contact the Service Department customer

in the (+ 34) 951 65 02 03 or to the e-mail address:

We pay all transport in case of incidents or non-compliance in order to obtain maximum confidence, peace of mind for our customers and satisfaction with your purchase.