Dear customers and suppliers:

Before the exceptional situation caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), as indicated by the health authorities and official agencies, should be based on individual and collective responsibility and we must put the necessary means for the safety of all.

In we have put in place preventive measures to ensure the health of our employees and customers. A protocol of action with which we will continue working, avoiding unnecessary risks and offering the best business advice via phone, email, chat or WhatsApp as have been offering.

In we continue with our logistics activity, usual taking extreme measures of precaution and hygiene such as:

  • We've disabled until further notice, the payment against reimbursement. This avoids the exchange of money in cash to client/carrier, to be a source of risk of high-grade.
  • We also recommend to take the appropriate security measures as we have recommended the agency official with any person of the transport service that travels to your home to perform delivery of your order.

You can count on us for any doubt or clarification.

Among all, we will defeat the virus.