Purchase conditions

All purchases carried out in www.Bateriasonline.com  are subject to the following conditions.

Prices of items

1. prices appearing on our products have the VAT included.


2. for purchases made from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, and countries outside the EU without VAT invoice will be issued and the recipient will have to take local taxes. For purchases made within the EU prices shown with taxes according to each country once registered customer.

3. payments of purchases will be made in Euros. Any costs arising from currency exchange will forever be to the client's account.


Data and formalization of sale.

For correct and successful sale, this electronic agreement is celebrated under the Spanish law and in particular under the legal regime imposed by law 34/2002 Services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSICE)) in which our system is automated only pick you data necessary to be able to serve your application from the selected articles (email, address, phone and password) and basic and in case of not being willing to provide some of them can cancel registration at any time guaranteeing that there is evidence of any of the data until then as well as if the customer considers appropriate can add any other data through the so-called box "comments".

Once the registration process is complete, you can view or modify any information provided, to do this you must do so within their private section, where you can also view the status of your orders, orders made, download documentation of orders and even add new delivery addresses. All these data are recorded in a server serving the law on data protection (LOPDCP).

The user must have especially in mind the following:

  • -The customer is required to have read and accepted the conditions of sale before you formalize any request and this will be not valid until you click 'Confirm my order'.

  • -You must procure the use of a secure password.

  • -Make sure that no unauthorized person can get password.

  • -The user has the obligation to change or cancel your password immediately if you are aware or if you suspect that other person or third party known, uses or has used the password. If this is not possible, the user must notify bateriasonline.com immediately. In this case will cancel the user's account, resetting once new access codes assigned to it.

For a greater service management system is enabled as the same services as in Spanish, French and English language, and your selection is made at the top in most of the web pages or on the links below, Spanish English French

Forms of payment


Payment with credit card, bank transfer, refund and Paypal

The customer undertakes to pay when ordering if you selected as a method of payment by credit card or paypal. And the carrier at the time of delivery if you have chosen as a method of payment on delivery. For payments by bank transfer, orders are shipped when it is reflected in our bank account transfer. The choice of methods of payment and transport use may vary depending on the location of the client or the shipping destination.

The details of your order you can print one time has concluded the order. In addition, will be sent a copy of the same to the customer email address reporting at each time in the State that is (in preparation, submitted, etc...).

The customer must notify any improper or fraudulent charges on the card used for shopping, by e-mail or by telephone, in the shortest possible time so bateriasonline.com staff can make the appropriate arrangements.

Shipping and rates:

Shipping to Spain, Europe and America

Orders come from Malaga, so completed orders will be delivered in a usual within 24-48 hours at Peninsula, 24-72 h in Balearic Islands and from 3-5 days for other destinations. The margin indicated is according to the delivery service that the customer can choose.


As for the price of transport:


Our site has different shipping options with different companies , delivery dates and destinations, volumes and weights. The cost of transportation is available to all customers in real time and in the shopping cart After selecting the particular priorities without any registration .


All bateriasonline.com products have 24 months warranty. Damage due to incorrect use or manipulation of the material are not included in this warranty. The 
Department of customer service from bateriasonline.com it will treat you faced any problem with his articles, offering the maximum information from technical services providers.

Department of customer service

Responding to many queries require the client perform. This Department is composed of people qualified in order to help you.
Customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 09:00-18:00 Monday to Thursday and 09:00-14:00 Friday.

Returns & exchanges

Pursuant to applicable law, (article 44 of law 7/1996 of 15 January retail trade regulation amended by law 47/2002, of 19 December.) return the product if it does not satisfy the customer is of 15 working days from the date of delivery of the order. It is only necessary for the customer to return the product as you received it, i.e., in perfect condition and with original packaging, labels and instructions.
The packaging and the used service shall ensure that the shipment arrives in perfect condition.
To receive the product and verify that it is in perfect condition, bateriasonline.com will proceed to payment by transfer bancar
iin case that the client decides to cancel the purchase, or replaced with another product in the event of incompatibility or any other incident.

C.o.d. returns are not accepted and, likewise, no merchandise will be accepted without previously informing bateriasonline.com

To carry out any change or return customer please contact the Service Department customer

(+ 34) 951 65 02 03 or to the e-mail address: info@bateriasonline.com

The customer will pay the transport costs of the return in case of incidents or non-conformity of the order.

Claims for damage during shipping.

Fortunately, almost all orders reach our customers in perfect condition. Even so, we take the opportunity to remind you how to proceed in case your order suffers some kind of accident or damage during transport.

Transport by courier (MRW / GLS)

At the time of delivery, check if your order has visible defects, rejecting the order if it appears to show signs of breakage, leaks liquid from inside or some other anomaly.

If you detect any damage when unpacking the product, you must inform us within 24 business hours of receipt. This is the term that the couriers accept claims. Exceeding this period, no type of claim for breakage, damage or similar will be accepted.

Palletized transport

For the reception of your pallet it is very important to check it before signing the delivery, since this type of transport does not accept claims after receipt unless notation on the delivery note and 48 hours maximum.

If your pallet or bulky order has any visible damage, write down the text "defective merchandise" on the delivery note or reject the shipment, informing us of what happened to proceed immediately.

For the rest of the cases and above all to avoid surprises of possible damages not visible to the naked eye that are detected during depalletizing, we recommend writing down on the delivery note "pending review", starting the claim period of 48 hours for shipments with said annotation . In no case will claims of this type be accepted beyond 48 hours, nor will any type of claims be accepted without these annotations on the delivery note.

The incident notification procedure for both types of transport are the usual ones: telephone, whatsapp or email, as soon as possible and within the aforementioned deadlines for each case. Do not forget to show us photographs in which the damage is appreciated.