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Created in 1964 in Hong Kong. GP is one of the major players in the sector of the battery and the battery around the world employing 8500 people worldwide. With the exception of Japan, it is even the first manufacturer of batteries for the Asian market.

GP batteries and its models of batteries that use different technologies)alkaline, watches silver oxide, lithium, alkaline batteries of high-voltage) and find its place in everyday life focused on small electronic devices. In addition to single-use batteries, batteries GP also sells a wide selection of battery chargers, rechargeable batteries and laptop Chargers for mobile devices (power).

Batteries GP enterprise also has an industry counterpart through which placed at all its expertise to offer a wide range of batteries tailored to the needs of professionals. Uses lithium ion (Li-ion) lithium polymer technology (Li - Po) (NiMH) nickel-metal hydride.

As all large players in the market, GP has developed an environmental policy, highlighting their participation in the collection and recycling of used batteries, as well as the promotion of rechargeable batteries, presented as economical and ecological solution.

You'll find dozens of models of GP batteries in use for all small devices but also many models of accumulators and batteries for the industrial sector.

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