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Pilas Duracell MN21 23A View larger

Duracell MN21 23A batteries


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    1,36 €

    This type of brand 12V battery DURACELL It will give you the necessary energy for all your applications. The high performance of the products manufactured by DURACELL they will make your purchase always the best choice.


    The stack 23A or pile MN21 It is one of the most powerful batteries in the market: small size, it is however a 12V battery. Also called A23 12V battery 23A 12V battery, one of the batteries is more commonly used.

    As a result, there are numerous applications and applications for this battery 23A: doors garage, remote controls, apparatus controlled by radio, alarm systems, medical equipment among other electronic systems used MN21 battery.


    Equivalences: pile, A23, E23A, V23A, V23PX, V23GA, L1028, MN21, G23A, GP23A, WE23A, CA20, UM23A, LR23A, LRV08, RVO8, MS21, K23A, 8LR932, 8LR23, 3LR50, 23AE, A23S, P23GA, VR22, 8F10R, MN23, PX23, EPX23, KX23, RPX23, 4NR23, R23A 



    • Voltage: 12V

    • Dimensions: 10 x 28 mm

    • Type: alkaline

    • Brand: DURACELL

    • Weight: 12g

    • Number of cells in the pack: 2

    Volt (V)12
    Large (mm)28
    Diameter (mm)10